We are lovetrigger


We cannot say it often enough: our goal is a better and cleaner world. With sustainable clothing, we’re making a huge difference. Our production and transport minimize chemicals and CO2 emissions, and limit water use. Moreover, our tailors work under good conditions, with pride and for a good salary. Call it sustainable or socially responsible; we think it’s the most normal thing in the world.

Love for the world

Instead, we rely on the knowledge and skills of our local ateliers with refugees. Craftsmen who share our love for clothing and for the world. Hopefully we plant a sustainable seed in other companies, so that soon the Netherlands will flourish as a circular and local manufacturing industry


At the cradle of Lovetrigger is Maarten Lambach, born in 1965. Maarten graduated cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1995. As a designer he ends up in Italy and Spain, founds children’s clothing line Mav and freelances for many international brands. With the creation of Lovetrigger in 2018, his love for clothing and his warm heart for a sustainable world come together.

Joël Sigling, also from 1965, has been following his heart for language throughout his career. He graduates in Antwerp, becomes a translator and founds his first translation agency in 1995. In 2020, he too decided to invest in a sustainable world. Joel is inspired by Maarten’s sustainable mission and becomes a co-founder of the Lovetrigger brand.