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Flirt-shirt.Crewneck T-shirt Tom is made from sustainably produced organic stretch cotton: with it, you invest in yourswagand in preserving the planet. Added value: the flirt graphic on the back makes this stylish item aconversation piecethat can have exciting consequences.*Choose from kit, black, white, navy & red – or live it up and score them all.

T-shirt Timothy is made of a GOTS-certified fabric consisting of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. Because of the elastane, there is a slight stretch in this t-shirt and it lasts longer. This therefore ensures more durability. The fabric produced in Turkey is soft and supple. The brushed inside ensures comfort and durability
Organic cotton not only uses far less water than traditional cotton, it also uses far fewer chemicals. The small amount of elastane in this sweater makes it last longer. Because the fabric is transported from Turkey to the Netherlands in large rolls, the CO2 footprint is smaller than usual. The production takes place in the Netherlands, which ensures a minimal environmental impact due to transport movements. No plastic is used for the clothing itself or the packaging, so no contribution to the plastic soup in the ocean
We have deliberately chosen to produce in the Netherlands. Higher costs than in Portugal and Turkey, for example, but a smaller CO2 footprint. Moreover, we stimulate the clothing industry in our own country, which had almost disappeared. Especially thanks to many new Dutch people from countries like Syria and Iraq, this sector is coming back to life and we are happy to stimulate that development.
For the delivery of your order we choose the most sustainable transport option in the Netherlands: fietskoeriers.nl. In 60 Dutch cities your order is delivered by bike. Transport between the cities is done by natural gas vehicles. Only outside the large coverage area of fietskoeriers.nl will deliver in the traditional way. The expectation is that these will also be delivered in a sustainable way within a few years.


95% organic cotton, 5% elastane

Washing instructions

Wash inside out at max. 30° C

Straight, relaxed fit
Round neck, rib jersey neckline
Short, straight sleeves
Front & back graphic, water-based ink
Lovetrigger logo made from recycled silicone on sleeve
Available in 5 colors: white, black, navy, kit and red

95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
Heavyweight single jersey
Wash inside out at max. 30° C
Do not tumble dry (we don’t like that, and the environment doesn’t like it)
To make that beautiful print last: iron inside out


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