Lovetrigger is here for the love of a sustainable world

Sustainability. A hollow marketing term? Not at Lovetrigger! We take our responsibility for a healthy planet very seriously. Just as seriously as the people behind our beautiful products. Fashion is a people’s business: before that cool Lovetrigger hoody ends up in your closet, a lot of people have worked on it behind the scenes. Lovetrigger does business with respect for people and the environment. Read more about how we operate as sustainably as possible below.

The people who make our clothes

By no means every company fits Lovetrigger. We look keenly at their social impact as an employer. For the companies that make our fabrics, we look at the GOTS certification. This guarantees that the employees work under healthy conditions and are not exploited. Many refugees work in our clothing factories in the Netherlands. Here they pick up their craft as tailors and build a prosperous existence. A win-win, because they enrich us with craftsmanship that is hard to find in the Netherlands. With their expertise, they produce on Dutch soil they produce high quality garments that last a long time. Certainly not fast fashion, but sustainability on a human and a product level.

Durable materials

Lovetrigger is constantly looking for the most environmentally friendly fabrics and materials that contribute to sustainability. Currently, we work mainly with organic fabrics from GOTS-certified suppliers. This means that as little water and harmful chemicals as possible are used in production. The companies are not only strictly monitored for their environmental impact but also the working conditions of their employees. This monitoring takes place throughout the chain of each certified company, so we know that all parts of our supply chain are performing optimally in terms of sustainability. Important to mention is that Lovetrigger itself is not (yet) GOTS certified.

Origin and impact

The fabrics Lovetrigger uses are almost all made in Turkey and Portugal from organic cotton. Our producers use as much cotton grown in Turkey for this purpose as possible. Given the tight market for organic cotton, a few times the cotton will come from organic producers in India or Africa. If you would like to know the exact origin and composition of one of our items, feel free to send us an email and we will let you know which way that product has travelled. We can then indicate of each item where it was made from which material. Except for our beanies (made from merino wool), all of our clothing is 100% vegan.

As you’ve read above, Lovetrigger primarily uses GOTS-certified organic cotton for our clothing. The benefits of organic cotton fabrics over traditionally produced cotton fabrics are enormous. For example, according to research, 91% less water is used when growing organic cotton, much less or no harmful chemicals are used, and organic farming stores CO2 in the soil. The impact on the greenhouse effect in the production of organic cotton is up to 46% lower than in traditional production.


At Lovetrigger, we are increasingly committed to recycling. We are fully engaged in our search for high quality recycled fabrics to make clothing from. The production of fabrics with recycled cotton is still in its infancy, but we will not let that stop us. In the next Lovetrigger collection there will certainly be room for garments made from recycled materials. An important point here is that we don’t want to work with recycled PET for clothes that are washed regularly. Research has shown that when washing clothes made with this so-called RPET, a lot of microplastic ends up in wastewater and eventually in waterways and the ocean. This is harmful to both humans and animals. For making a jacket (which is rarely if ever washed), the use of RPET is, in our view, justified. The plastic would normally be thrown away anyway and thus finds a way into a garment that lasts for years and does not create additional microplastics in our waters.


Incidentally, Lovetrigger already works with labels/hangtags and yarns made from recycled materials. But we are going to go the extra mile, because Lovetrigger itself is going to actively contribute to the recycling of old clothing. We are setting up a deposit system whereby you get a discount on your next purchase if you return old Lovetrigger clothing you no longer wear to us, regardless of its condition. All to prevent old clothing from ending up in a landfill or in the incinerator.

Sustainability in transport

In the production chain, Lovetrigger chooses the least polluting options. We make our clothes from sustainable fabrics that are organically produced in Turkey or Portugal. We try to avoid transporting our materials by boat or plane, because that is the most polluting way of transportation. After our fabrics/materials are delivered over land in the Netherlands, the production takes place in our own country. We have consciously chosen for this as well. By keeping the production close to home, we ensure the least possible transport kilometers and thus also a minimum of CO2 emissions, thus maximizing our sustainability in this area.

We deliver the garments ordered by the customer with the most sustainable delivery service in the Netherlands: This company delivers in 60 cities in the Netherlands by bicycle. The transport between cities takes place with biogas-powered vehicles. Only for the small area outside this system, traditional means of transport are used, but that area is getting smaller. As far as we know, this is the cleanest way of delivery. If you know of an even more sustainable alternative, please let us know!

Sustainability in packaging

As Lovetrigger strives to make all parts of the overall production and delivery cycle as environmentally friendly as possible, we have also chosen packaging materials that cause as little damage to the environment as possible and can also be recycled. We deliberately choose not to use plastic. While it is true that the production of plastic sometimes has lower CO2 emissions than paper and cardboard, we have eliminated plastic as much as possible to increase sustainability

The reason is that plastic does not break down in the environment and thus leaves its mark for decades. The plastic soup in the ocean is the most poignant example of this. That is why we have chosen cardboard packaging made from FSC wood. Join us, think of the environment and put your Lovetrigger packaging in the paper bin so it can be recycled.

Lovetrigger, meanwhile, continues to look for packaging that will allow us to increase sustainability even further…

Sorry, no free delivery

Charging shipping for orders under 200 euros? It goes against the trend of fast fashion with its free delivery, but we are proud to do so. Because free shipping is the flywheel for many senseless, polluting miles that are so characteristic of fast fashion and therefore it is most certainly not sustainable. Lovetrigger does however pay for a portion of the delivery costs and for or orders over 199 euros, shipping is free

Delivery terms

Our goal is: any order placed before 5pm will go out the same day. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday.For the delivery Lovetrigger depends on our delivery service and they do their utmost to deliver your package as quickly as possible. You will receive a Track & Trace from so you can follow your order.

If you are not at home when your order is delivered by,an attempt will be made to deliver the parcel to your neighbors. If that fails, and the package cannot be delivered three times in total, the package will be returned to sender. If your parcel is delivered by DHL (in places where does not deliver) the parcel is dropped off at a DHL service point after a first failed delivery attempt. There you can pick up the parcel yourself.

Does the delivery take too long?Please 085273 7442 – on working days between 09.00 – 22.00 hrs


The figures speak for themselves: some webshops have as many as 60% returns therefore stimulates useless orders and therefore unnecessary transport movements and CO2 emissions. It also results in wasted packaging and returns often end up in landfills. Lovetrigger thinks this is a huge waste. That is why we have opted for a cleaner returns policy: with us, you pay the costs of the return shipment yourself. If you return your entire order within 14 days of receipt, you will receive a refund of both the original shipping costs and the purchase price. If you partially return your order within 14 days of receipt, you will be refunded the amount of the returned item. You can find more about this and about the right of withdrawal on our Returns page.

If there is a problem with the quality of the article or if you accidentally received the wrong article, you will get a full refund of your purchase and the costs of returning it. Please let us know at and together we will solve the problem.