Lovetrigger: will you walk away with this streetwear brand?

Streetwear is no longer an omitable from the fashion image. More and more high-end fashion – and streetwear brands work together and everyone falls for it en masse. In the Netherlands, a new brand is coming up with a remarkably optimistic message: Lovetrigger.

Seemingly simple

The origin of streetwear lies, how else, in street culture. Youth culture, such as hip hop music and surf – and skate world, is the main source of inspiration. Unlike high fashion, streetwear is not about details, craftsmanship and craftsmanship, but casual and "simple" hoodies, T-shirts and caps with unique prints.

Two extremes meet

Streetwear has become extremely popular in recent years. Both with the consumer and the designers of high-end fashion brands and that is striking. Were streetwear and high-end fashion still extremes a few years ago, now they are working together more and more. Think of Louis Vuitton and Supreme, who entered into a unique collaboration in 2017.

Supreme once started out as a convenience store for skaters and artists, but now has fans all over the world. The Dutch Maarten Lambach of Lovetrigger thought: That's what I want, but sustainable.

Couture meets streetwear in The Netherlands

Maarten Lambach is the founder of the Dutch streetwear brand Lovetrigger. He studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, studied at eduard van Rijn's Ecole de Couture and worked for several brands. He now combines his craftsmanship and eye for detail with his love of prints and special materials.

Maarten wants Lovetrigger to be as big as Supreme, but sustainable and with an optimistic message. "At Lovetrigger, love is the connecting factor between the makers and the wearers of the clothing. The items are made with honest materials, under fair conditions, for fair wages and by loving people. With the clothes I want to inspire and activate people of all ages to create a more positive street scene."

streetwear Lovetrigger

A circular collection

Lovetrigger's purpose is clear. "I want to create a full-fledged circular streetwear collection consisting of hoodies, sweaters, trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, caps and accessories such as bags and backpacks. The items are made of pure and/or recycled materials and at the end of their life you can return them. They will then be reused in new items. "

The first kledin pieces, a hoodie, two T-shirts and a cap will be available from tomorrow. More information can be found on the Instagram page.