Our Story

Why do we do this

Our story was born out of love for the world. Brash and brains merge in this urbanwear brand with sustainableitems that will always be a green statement – no matter what color you pull out of the closet. Designer Maarten Lambach lives for urban style. With Lovetrigger he turns his frustration about the merciless impact of the fashion industry on people and the environment into something positive. Stylish urbanwear that proves it can be different. Sustainably produced and streetwise. Timeless classics to wear piece by piece. Lovely graphics that trigger your mindset.Embrace, tomorrow, now!

Impact on the world

Through our story, we try to have a positive impact on the world.Fact:fast fashion is slowly but surely killing our planet. The damage caused by the fashion industry is clear: pollution, waste, degrading working conditions: the negative impact is undeniable. But it is preventable! At Lovetrigger we fight for a ‘clean’ way of working, clean & mean that is….

We do not only choose sustainable & organic materials to keep our negative impact as low as possible: we also look to make a positive impact. .

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Ons verhaal - impact op de wereld
Ons verhaal - het atelier

The people who make our clothes

Global style requires global talent. Lovetrigger therefore works with newcomers to the Netherlands. Professionals who have fled their homes and are starting up again here as tailors. They are paid fairly and get the prospect of a new future in our country.

That way we create a win-win situation: experienced tailors from, for example, Syria or Iraq make a quality product for us and they build up a meaningful and prosperous existence in the Netherlands. Their expertise and love for the trade is reflected in our collection.

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The materials we use

The materials we use in our story are only fabrics and packaging materials which have a minimum impact on the environment. Our fabrics are GOTS-certified and made under good working conditions in clean factories. We use cotton as much as possible, and it is always organic. And for packaging our products we only use recycled or at least recyclable paper and cardboard. Plastic soup is not our menu…

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Ons verhaal - biologisch katoen
Ons verhaal - duurzaam vervoer

Sustainable transport is the way to go

For transporting your orders we always choose the most sustainable and cleanest solution. Wherever possible, your package will be delivered by bicycle. And we take the environment into account when we buy any materials. If we can buy beautiful, sustainable materials in our own country, then we do so to keep carbon emissions down

Our fabrics come from Portugal and Turkey, not from the Far East. This makes a huge difference in terms of carbon footprint.

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