Love is colorblind

Lovetrigger® is a fair trade and fair made clothing and lifestyle brand with a green heart. Lovetrigger® wants to connect, looks for social identification. Stimulate to counteract overconsumption, to touch and take existing groups that are already working on this and to open eyes to other groups to stimulate. Identification leads to commitment, the more people feel connected, feel an overlap, between themselves and Lovetrigger®, the more loyal they become and the more they positively influence others. Lovetrigger® garments carry a positive story, Lovetrigger® wearers are ambassadors and positively contaminate their immediate environment. They can propagate and explain the Lovetrigger® thought so that the positive story grows. Carriers and makers tell the Lovetrigger® vision together!

Streetwear with LOVE as the connecting factor & the TRIGGER on positivity and optimism

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Sustainable streetwear

  • Lovetrigger mainly works with organic and/or recycled materials. Lovetrigger strives for 100% sustainable and responsible.
  • Lovetrigger decides when it launches new streetwear, this will be phased in. This makes it different from traditional seasonal collections and prevents too fast 'unnecessary' sale.
  • Lovetrigger takes worn garments back in order to reuse and/or where necessary restored, to give a new life.
  • Lovetrigger believes in a new, circular economy, where the unbridled use of natural resources and unfair working conditions are a thing of the past.
  • No child labour, no fair wages!
  • Together we contribute to reducing the textile waste mountain.





HIGH QUALITY · LOCALLY DEVELOPED · LIMITED EDITION · PRODUCED AS REQUIRED Responsible shopping: Wait a little longer for a better product to reduce overproduction in fashion. On-demand production: The same high quality and luxury design does not waste raw materials.

Lovetrigger also available via BlaBla Trends Apeldoorn from 19 September

Lovetrigger will also be available from 19 September via BlaBla Trends Apeldoorn.

Positivity is a superpower!

Lovetrigger® focuses on men, women and teenagers. We can expect cool T-shirts, sweaters, caps and hoodies in different colors. Lovetrigger® is a very ambitious young street-couture brand that designs and produces circular fashion. Lovetrigger® will show that cool and responsible can also go together!  Lovetrigger® will gradually expand the collection, inkeeping with the needs of […]