garage sale

A garage sale, does that suit Lovetrigger?

Actually, no. But why do we have one then? Because before becoming the most sustainable kid on the block, Lovetrigger was still caught up a little bit in the Fast Fashion system. When we launched Lovetrigger, we were still thinking too commercially in our makeshift studio/garage. So our very first collection, was made in Bangladesh (affordable) and emprinted in Poland (cheaper than in the Netherlands). We didn’t think enough about the logistical and especially the climate advantages of local production.

Slow fashion

So at that time, slow fashion wasn’t quite our thing yet. Sustainability was important, but not yet core of our story. By working with GOTS certified fabrics we were already going in the right direction. That way we knew that they were made sustainably by people who were treated fairly. But our clothes had to be brought to the Netherlands by ship or plane. And then to Poland to be printed.


Now, we don’t do that anymore. Lovetrigger has grown up. The path we’re on now is that of sustainability where we can. In all aspects of our business. Because it’s all about how we do things: producing products responsibly and approaching the outside world the same way. Since 2021, sustainable and socially responsible are the core elements of how we work

That means, that we made our new collection right here in the Netherlands, close to home. We still use GOTS-certified fabrics, because that’s just right. But the follow-up process has far less impact on the environment. And we work in a completely transparent manner. We explain what we do and how we do it, because transparency is very important at Lovetrigger

Old collection in our garage sale

But yes… we still have some of the products from our very first collection. A stock of about 750 pieces. Items that we still believe in in terms of how they look. They are recognizable Lovetrigger items made from sustainable materials. We are certainly proud of that. And we don’t want to throw them in the shredder or in the bin.

That’s why we offer them now in our garage sale, at discounted prices. This is an exceptional event, because in the future sales will be a rarity. Because sales are also an expression of fast fashion, and we don’t really like them.