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LOVETRIGGER T-SHIRTS – SUSTAINABLE T-SHIRTS FROM ORGANIC COTTONIf you’re looking for sustainable T-shirts made from organic cotton, then you’ve come to the right place at Lovetrigger. T-shirts are a favorite among fans ofstreetwear classics, and for good reason: a T-shirt can make or break your outfit – it literally forms the basis of your style. Lovetrigger designs T-shirts that stand out not only in terms of style, color and print, but also in terms of sustainability. Sustainable T-shirts made of organic cotton, seriously certified, ranging from stylish basics to striking eye-catchers. Produced locally, often on-demand to reduce negative environmental impact. Lovetrigger’s collectionwith a sustainable approach doesn’t get in the way of quality and comfort: the high-qualityorganic T-shirtsare long-lasting, the organic cotton is ultra-comfortable, and a lot of time and attention has been paid to the fit. Made with love – you feel it, and you see it. Discover ourorganic cotton T-shirtshere.T-SHIRTS – THE FUN FACTSDid you know that the T-shirt as we know it today has a rich history? And why it’s called a T-shirt in the first place? We’ll talk you through it.If you wonder why we write T-shirt with a capital letter in the first place, lay a basic T-shirt flat. With a little imagination, you’ll recognize the capital T: that’s because the sleeves are attached to the body at an angle. Pattern drawing was still in its infancy when the T-shirt was born: the basic T-shape has always remained. And thankfully so. Why change a good design? Making T-shirts sustainable is another story; Lovetrigger has made that change by using only pure organic cotton.The T-shirt was originally intended as underwear. In the late 19ecentury, smart guys cut the common one-piece underwear in half and the T-shirt evolved from underwear to outerwear. Which, of course, you still wear on your skin: the organic cotton Lovetrigger T-shirts are made of is soft on your skin – and on the environment.Marlon Brando – actor and 50s sex symbol – wore a slim-fit basic T-shirt on his toned body in the sultry cult film ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, causing the popularity of T-shirts to skyrocket. James Dean repeated the trick not long after. The T-shirt achieved the star status it still has today.T-shirts were the first garments to literally carry a message. The first T-shirt with commercial printing was the T-shirt that visitors to the musical The Wizzard of Oz – at its premiere in 1939 – could buy after the show with the intention of attracting more visitors to the theater. Whether that had any effect? The T-shirt itself was not sustainable (yet) at the time, the success of the musical was.Another famous example: in 1948, American presidential candidate Dewey had “Dew it with Dewey” printed on basic white T-shirts. He was not elected, but he was the first to see the potential of T-shirts as a marketing tool. A role model for Lovetrigger, which promotes sustainability with organic cotton T-shirts.The slogan T-shirts from the 1980s: who doesn’t know them. Choose Life, Save the World, Stop and Think: thought-provoking texts in big black letters, printed on white basic T-shirts. Statement pieces that continue to make a positive impact to this day. With the organic cotton T-shirts from Lovetrigger you also make a positive impact – on our environment.LOVE EARTHAt Lovetrigger we show our love for the earth and its inhabitants by producing T-shirts with respect for people and the environment. T-shirts that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good. Sustainably grown organic cotton, responsible production – close to home to minimize transportation costs – where we avoid excess inventory by producing on-demand as much as possible. As a result, you sometimes have to be patient for 2 weeks before you have your T-shirt at home and/or on your body, but in return you get a clean conscience and a good feeling.Last but not least:Lovetrigger T-shirts are designed with an unerring sense of style and trend. No hollow phrases. Just iconic T-shirts with classic round neck, long or short sleeves, and a great fit. Equipped with positive texts, striking one-liners, and many – many – good vibes. Be inspired and preserve your wardrobe with the sustainable organic cotton T-shirts from Lovetrigger.