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LOVETRIGGER SWEATERS – SUSTAINABLE SWEATERS FROM ORGANIC COTTONAt Lovetrigger you’ll find a collection ofsustainably produced sweatersmade from organic cotton. This way you can be sure that your love forstreetwear classicswon’t harm the environment.No sweat!Iconic sweatshirts – or sweaters: who doesn’t have them in their closet? These timeless basics are incredibly versatile and inextricably linked to relaxed style. Lovetrigger designs durable sweaters you can be seen with – whether you likestreetwearorpreppystyle. Made from reliably certified organic cotton, ranging from easy basics to bold statement sweaters with high-profile prints. Lovetrigger’s product range is characterized by its high quality and wearability. The organic cotton French terry jersey has a soft brushed inside and is not too heavy, but not too light eiither: ideal for every day and every activity. Sustainability has two meanings: sweaters from Lovetrigger are not only sustainably made, the high quality of the organic cotton and the craftsmanship with which the sweaters are made ensures that they last a very long time. That longevity fits in perfectly with their timeless character. See for yourself how Lovetrigger sweaters combine sustainability and style? Discover our organic cotton sweaters here. Did you know that the sweater as we know it today has been around for over a century? Read on for morefun facts.The SWEATER – HISTORY ON REPEATThe first sweater saw the light of day in 1913. The prototype was developed for marines in the US Navy, intended for activities that did not require wearing the official uniform. The intention was not only to keep the men warm, but also to hide unwanted chest hair from view. Strange but true.Around 1920 the sweater was adopted by rugby, as an alternative to the knitted sweaters in which the sport had been practiced until then. The cotton jersey was not produced in a sustainable way at that time, but because the fabric could withstand a lot of pushing and pulling, the sweaters lasted longer and were therefore more durable than their predecessors.Then other sports joined in, also thanks to the absorbent qualities of the cotton jersey, explaining the name ‘sweatshirt’.Sweaters were provided with the club name, so that the wearer could be identified as a member of the crew. Do we need to explain why the classic round neck of a sweatshirt is also called a ‘crew neck’? The reinforced triangle below the round neck made the sweatshirt stronger, and thus more durable in use.Sweaters with prints are an unmistakable part of the history of the past century. Think college-style sweatshirts with the emblems of iconic American universities, sports sweatshirts sweaters with team names, designer sweatshirts with logos… the print on your sweatshirt says what you love and/or what you stand for.With an organic cotton sweatshirt from Lovetrigger, featuring oursignatureheart/clover logo and a text print that doesn’t lie, you show which team you side with: Team Sustainability.LOVE EARTHAt Lovetrigger we show our love for the earth and its inhabitants by producing sweaters with respect for people and the environment. Sweaters that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good. Sustainably grown organic cotton and responsible manufacturing- close to home to minimize transportation costs.Last but not least: Lovetrigger sweaters are designed with an impeccable sense of style and trend. Iconic sweaters with a classic round or V-neck, positive text prints and a lot of good vibes. Be inspired and preserve your wardrobe with the sustainable organic cotton sweaters from Lovetrigger.