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LOVETRIGGER POLOS – SUSTAINABLE POLOS FROM ORGANIC COTTONDurable polo shirts made from organic cotton: at Lovetrigger they have a permanent place in the collection. Renowned for itssmart-casualstyle: with a polo you can be both sporty and dressy – and thanks to Lovetrigger’s organic cotton from now on also sustainable.Smart thinking– sustainably produced clothing from organic cotton, made with love and craftsmanship in their own country. With polos from Lovetrigger you make a stylish difference. Discover them here. The classic polo doesn’t call for bells and whistles: its distinctive style stability is the greatest strength of this timeless classic. There is one exception – the one you don’t see, but the one where the environment feels the positive impact: pure, organic cotton. By making ourpolosfrom sustainably grown organic cotton, Lovetrigger is doing its part to make the world a better place. And by choosing a Lovetrigger polo shirt, you are doing the same. It’s a fact – sustainably produced clothing has less negative impact on our living environment. With Lovetrigger’s organiccotton polo shirts, you’ll go through life more sustainably, without skimping on style in the process.ClassicLovetrigger –classic you.The POLO – AN URBAN CLASSIC WITH SPORTSY ROOTSLike so manyurban classics, the polo shirt originated in the world of sports. In the case of the polo –no surprise– that is the sport of polo. British troops, stationed in 19thcentury India, cultivated polo into a sport full of stylish traditions. With accompanying clothing etiquette: the collar that players attached to their T-shirts served to protect their necks from the bright sun and subsequently became the standard competition shirt.The polo was picked up around 1926 by Grand Slam tennis champion René Lacoste – nicknamed the Alligator – who literally and figuratively made it his trademark. He refined the design by executing it in textured-knit piqué jersey with a rib-knit collar and successfully marketed the updated polo. To this day, the embroidered crocodile logo is a model for the placement of logo embroidery on virtually any polo, regardless of brand or style. Our Lovetrigger logo – a 4 heart clover symbol – is embroidered on the chest of oursustainable organic cotton polo shirtsin accordance with tradition.Did you notice that a polo shirt always has 3 buttons? This determines the look you strive for: buttoned up to the top is the most stylish, trendy version. Only the bottom button closed is more sporty and casual – completely unbuttoned is traditionally unacceptable.So what.Surely you can decide that for yourself? As long as you choose a polo shirt made of sustainable organic cotton, anything goes.Even the short side slits and the slightly longer back hem of the classic polo shirt had a purpose: so the back didn’t slip out of the waistband so quickly during tennis play. Because that too wasnot done. Different times. Nowadays it isnot doneto not take the environment into account. If you go for a polo, go for organic cotton. Sustainability knows no time.LOVE EARTHAt Lovetrigger we show our love for the earth and its inhabitants by producing polos with respect for people and the environment. Polos that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good. Sustainably grown organic cotton, responsible production – close to home to minimize transportation costs – where we avoid excess inventory by producing on-demand as much as possible. As a result, you may have to be patient for 2 weeks before you have your polo shirt at home and/or on your body, but you get a clean conscience and a good feeling in return.Last but not least: Lovetrigger polo shirts are designed with an unerring sense of style and trend. No empty slogans. But iconic polo shirts with a rib-knitted collar, a stylish embroidered logo and a great fit. Equipped with a hefty dose of style, and lots – lots – of good vibes. Get inspired and preserve your wardrobe with Lovetrigger’s sustainable organic cotton polos.