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LOVETRIGGER HOODIES – SUSTAINABLE HOODIES MADE OF BIOLOGICAL COTTONIf you’re looking for sustainable hoodies made of organic cotton, Lovetrigger is the brand for you. At Lovetrigger, the hoody shows its sustainable side: our unique hoodies are made of sustainably grown organic cotton, produced under fair conditions. Sustainabilityis not a trend – sustainability is the future! Your future newhoody made of sustainably grown organic cottoncan be found here. The hoody is a streetwear classic that has found its way into every wardrobe. The clearly democratic nature of the hoody means it is a favourite of the young & the old, the rich & the poor, the athletes & the couch potatoes, the activists & the party people… this incredibly diverse list goes on and on. Lovetrigger creates sustainable hoodies that are perfect for the world of today, a time when we all need to do our part to make the world a better place. Made from reliably certified organic cotton with practical details and edgy prints. Lovetrigger’s product range focuses not just on sustainability but also on quality: honest organic cotton that’s soft on your skin, has the perfect relaxed fit, is produced with love and craftsmanship, and a lot of handiwork. The timeless nature of this style classic has a more than interesting history, which we would like to tell you more about.The HOODY – FROM CULT REBEL TO SUSTAINABLE HEROWhat’s in a name? The name hoody comes from hood, which in turn is derived from folk hero Robin Hood, who wore a cape with an extra-large hood, to guard his anonymity. That rebellious edge has stuck to the look of the hoody. Lovetrigger hoodies are not just edgy, they are also highly sustainable: they are all made of sustainable organic cotton.Fast forward to the 1930s.The very popular crewneck sweatshirt is updated by the addition of a hood. The hoody was initially intended as workwear for workers in the freezing cold New York warehouses. These were not heated, so a sweatshirt with integrated headgear was a dire necessity. As was the pouch pocket, which doubles as a hand warmerslashstorage spot.Another profession that benefits from anonymity: the burglars’ guild. The hooded sweatshirt was initially favored primarily by anyone involved in shadowy parkour. The hoody then evolved through creative subcultures, becoming the unofficial wear of grafitti artists, rappers, hiphoppers and skaters. Lovetrigger’s organic cotton hoodies often feature high-profile prints: creative triggers promoting greater sustainability.The hoody’s recent comeback on the international catwalks has only increased its popularity further. With the current focus on sustainability, the organic cotton hoody is the one tthat will make a difference.At Lovetrigger, we show our love for planet Earth and its inhabitants by producing hoodies with respect for people and the environment. Hooded sweatshirts that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good. Sustainably grown organic cotton, responsible production – close to home to minimize transportation costs.Last but not least: Lovetrigger hoodies are designed with an impeccable sense of style and trend. No hollow phrases. Just iconic hoodies with a hood, a pouch pocket and a great fit. Equipped with positive texts, striking one-liners, and many – many – good vibes. Be inspired and preserve your wardrobe with the sustainable organic cotton hoodies from Lovetrigger.