Lovetrigger was born out of love for our planet.

A place that deserves to be better and cleaner.

Where clothes are comfortable and fairly made.

As close to home as possible. Read our story.


small carbon footprint


fair wages






Delivery by bycicle to reduce carbon emission


clothes are made locally, no sea transport

Lovetrigger and the planet

Lovetrigger was born out of love for our planet. A place that deserves to be better and cleaner. At Lovetrigger you will find fair-trade clothing that fits like a glove, and is produced honestly using only sustainable materials.

Slow Fashion

The timeless nature of our urban classics and iconic streetwear reinforces the sustainable character of the Lovetrigger product range. Sustainability has many aspects: clothing that lasts a long time and therefore does not need to be replaced quickly is also sustainable, like clothing that is made in a sustainable way from sustainable materials. Our T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and polo shirts are timeless classics that already become iconic. The high quality fabrics and craftsmanship used to produce our items ensure they can be worn for years on end. Slow fashion is the future!

Local production

Our clothes are made in workshops in the Netherlands, by newcomers to our country who have fled their native countries for fear of prosecution. By producing locally, we keep production close, minimize our carbon footprint and know for sure that the people who actually make our clothes get paid a fair wage. Moreover, they are given the opportunity to build up a new existence in our country in their old profession. We are all for giving people a second chance.


Our organic cotton T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and polo shirts are not only sustainably made, they also send sustainable signals. The edgy logos and text prints provoke thought and give rise to interesting conversations.  With a statement print from Lovetrigger you show that sustainability is something you can flaunt. And because our designs are timeless, you can wear Lovetrigger’s sustainable clothing for years. How’s that for sustainability?

Sustainable Sweatshirts

Lovetrigger’s range of sustainable sweatshirts is characterized by quality and comfort. The French terry jersey made of organic cotton is brushed on the inside and is not too heavy, but certainly not too light either, so they can be worn every day and for every activity.

The concept of sustainability is twofold: sweaters from Lovetrigger are not only made to last, the quality of the organic cotton and the craftsmanship with which the sweaters are made ensure they can worn for years on end.

Comfortable hoodies

If you are looking for comfortable hoodies made from organic cotton, turn to Lovetrigger. Our hoodies are truly sustainable: they are made of sustainably grown organic cotton and are produced under fair working conditions. Lovetrigger’s range of hoodies are characterized by high quality and sustainability: honestly produced organic cotton that is soft on your skin, the perfect relaxed fit, and manufactured with love and craftsmanship. The style of our comfy hoodies is both recognizable and timeless.

Timeless t-shirts

T-shirts are a favorite among fans of streetwear classics, and for good reason: a t-shirt can make or break your outfit. We design T-shirts that not only stand out in terms of style, color and print, but also in terms of sustainability. Sustainable T-shirts made of organic cotton certified by recognized institutions, ranging from stylish basics to eye-catchers which stand out in the crowd.

Locally produced to minimize our impact on the environment. Lovetrigger’s sustainable approach doesn’t get in the way of quality and comfort: our premium organic T-shirts last a very long time, the organic cotton is the ultimate in comfort, and have spent a lot of time and effort in ensuring the fit is excellent.

Premium polo shirts

Sustainable polo shirts made of organic cotton are a staple in our collection. Known for their smart-casual style, polo shirts can be both sporty and dressy. Because they are made of 100% organic cotton, Lovetrigger polos shirts are highly sustainable. Smart thinking – sustainably produced clothing from organic cotton, but produced right her in Holland.

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